Fledging simultaneously at ULB!

After a last night in their nest (video 1), the two juvenile falcons of the ULB fledged simultaneously, or almost, yesterday morning from the top of the 50 m tower of the building of Philosophy and Letters of the Brussels’ university (ULB).

The camera captured their movement. Never have we managed to film this very impressive moment so well!

Videos 2 & 3 in the appendix show the “big jump” of the young falcons. The first took off without hesitation at 8:04 am. He goes straight ahead! The second procrastinates a bit. But at 10:51 am, after numerous and final work-out, he also throws himself into the void.

It is always an incredible emotion to see them leave their nest after 6 weeks of careful observation. On April 18, these two falcons pierced their eggshells. Today they are flying! But what irrepressible force leads them to leave this protected place???

This is the third year in a row that this pair of Peregrine Falcons has been breeding at ULB. As a reminder, the mother was hatched in the Netherlands near Maastricht while the father was born in Our Lady's Church in Laeken. In 2019, they raised 2 falcons together. Last year, the brood consisted of three chicks. This year, the female laid 5 eggs, which is quite remarkable! But not everything really went smoothly afterwards. One egg was broken right from the start of incubation. It was the first time in 15 years of observation with cameras that this has happened. Moreover, two eggs did not hatch. So mixed results for this couple this spring.

Roll on spring 2022! By then, we promise, we will install a windshield washer to clean, remotely and therefore without any disturbance! - the lens of the camera.


Video 1. The two falcons from ULB spend one last night together in their nest.

Video 2. Flight of the first 2021 ULB falcon ...

Video 3 ... followed by the flight of the second.