Hatching live at the ULB!

This is unheard of ! A brood of falcons hatched live at the end of May in Brussels! And it is at the top of the tower of the historic building of the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) that this is happening!

The same Peregrine pair have been nesting at the ULB since 2019 but obviously had decided to move this spring to the bell tower of a nearby church. And then… no! They returned in early April. What happened? We don't know, but we can reasonably hypothesize that the clutch was lost. In this case, the pair may attempt to nest again. It's not exceptional, but it's rare. And that's what they did! But in addition, and this is quite exceptional, the female has laid 5 eggs!

The hatching was expected at the beginning of the week. But the exceptional nature of such a late clutch made the outcome somewhat uncertain. And so what a pleasure to see this morning a first hatched falcon. Video 1 shows the male bringing prey to his brooding female. It is 06:45. She gets up and a falcon chick appears! The male then takes over the brooding.

09:30, the female comes back to rest on the edge of the nest (video 2). She exchanges a whole series of cries with the male. What are they saying to each other? He then leaves room for her. Listen carefully, we heard two types of chirps. A sharp sound of the hatched chick. And a dull sound of another chick, calling while it's still in the egg!

To be continued!

Video 1. 06:45, the female gets up, 1 chick hatched! The male relays his brooding female.

Video 2. 09:30, the female returns to the nest.