City Hall, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre

50° 50' 13" NB , 4° 25' 39" OL

At the doors of the Sonian Forest,

Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is a municipality of almost 9 km² to the east of Brussels. It includes numerous parks, ponds and lakes that contribute to the quality of life of its 42,000 inhabitants along the Woluwe valley: Woluwe Park, Mellaerts Ponds, Parmentier Park, Manoir d'Anjou ...! Peaceful haven of greenery of "nature in town", these places welcome a diverse flying fauna: grebes, herons, woodpeckers, owls, bats ...

Sensitive to this natural heritage, the municipality carries out various actions in favour of biodiversity: planting fruit orchards in playgrounds, selection of interesting plants enhancing biodiversity, total ban of pesticides ... It also supports various citizens' initiatives of urban agriculture and the “greening” of neighbourhoods. Woluwe-Saint-Pierre gives also an active support to its motivated inhabitants who install nestboxes and broadcast songs to help the coming back of swallows and swifts, or to students and their teachers who host swallows or swifts under the cornices and in the gardens of their schools ...

Last but not least, since 2014, Woluwe-Saint-Pierre is home to a rather special pair ... who has taken up residence at the top of the tower of the City House: the Peregrine Falcon likes it and breeds for the seventh year for the greatest pleasure of those who observe them!

Caroline Lhoir

Alderwoman for Environment, Green Spaces and Biodiversity of the Municipality of Woluwe-Saint-Pierre