Soon fledging in Uccle, still a little patience at the cathedral!

The 4 juvenile falcons of the Saint Job church in Uccle hatched on April 13. Considering that the growth period of a Peregrine falcon extends over 6 weeks, fledging is scheduled for this Wednesday, May 25! The camera that films access to the nest has therefore been connected instead of the one that has been filming until now. However, the available space is very limited at this part of the nest. This camera therefore shows lower quality images and cannot be oriented. We promise, we will try to set up a new system by next spring.

Still, the observation carried out in public this Sunday made it also possible to observe the falcons "on the balcony". They stay for long hours observing the sky, the passage of the tram and… the fair which has been set up in Place Saint Job for a week (photo 1). The din is deafening, children laugh and scream and yet the Peregrines are clearly not disturbed. They are above it all from the top of their steeple! But above all, the people’s activity is continuous on the Place Saint Job, the falcons are therefore used to it. Moreover, their domain is the sky! They are therefore very little related to what is happening on the ground.

The quadruplets from Uccle are therefore currently spending their time observing their new environment, while chaining long sessions of frantic wing flapping (video 1). It's about building muscle before the big jump!

In a few hours, in 1-2 days, the falcons will try some balancing exercises by walking and jumping on the dial of the clock at the entrance of the nest. Chills and emotions guaranteed. But also wonderful opportunities to photograph them from the square. A small note in passing, some photographers climbed onto the roof of a neighboring building in order to take better shots than the others. It's stupid and saddening, there are no other words.

The female juvenile Peregrine of the cathedral is 4 days younger than the Ucclois. She should therefore fledge early next week. Friday afternoon, she left for the first time the platform where she was born. She has been walking around on the balcony since then (video 2) regularly escaping the camera! Don't worry, she is still well and truly in her "nest"!

So soon fledging in Uccle and the cathedral, but also soon hatching at the ULB. Which season!

Photo 1 Observation of falcons from Uccle Saint Job; the fair is in full swing on the square! (DV picture).

Video 1. Weight training exercises for the falcons of Uccle (video DV).

Video 2 The unique falcon of the cathedral of Saints Michel and Gudule has left its platform and is walking on the balcony.