We were just talking… !

While they had abandoned their former nest to settle in a nearby church, the ULB Peregrine couple has been back since yesterday!!!

The videos in the appendix indeed show, first the female, then the male, who come to visit the nest and even scratch the substrate. Is this not what they do when they start a nest? So what happened at the Saint Adrien church where the couple had settled for a month? The attached photo, dated March 20, shows the female perched on the cross at the top of the bell tower while the male is behind a louver. Has the nesting failed in Saint Adrien church and the couple is therefore returning to its historic nest as a result?

Both partners are ringed, which confirms that they are, in any case, the same ones that have been nesting since the arrival of the peregrines on the ULB campus in 2019. She hatched in April 2014, in the Netherlands, not far from Maastricht, 106 km away from Solbosch. The male is a real “Bruxellois”. He hatched in 2012 on the Church of Our Lady of Laeken, with a view of the royal park! The distance here is only 8 km between the birth- and nest site. In 2019, the couple raised 2 falcons. They were 3 in 2020 and also 3 in 2021.

To be continued!