• On this page you will find some interesting links from other projects about Peregrine Falcons.
  • The rapport of Falcons for Everyone 2010 can be found here in Dutch and in French. You can also read the rapports of Falcons for Everyone 2011 (Dutch and French), Falcons for Everyone 2012 (Dutch and French), Falcons for Everyone 2013 (Dutch and French), Falcons for Everyone 2014 (Dutch and French), and Falcons for Everyone 2015 (Dutch and French).
  • A story to read to children can be found here in Dutch and in French.

The bird species in this list were caught by the Peregrines of the cathedral. By selecting a name you can see the collection of feathers that allowed us to identify the prey.

Mistle Thrush, Redwing, Blackbird, Starling, Song Thrush, Fieldfare, Swift, Chaffinch, Rose-ringed Parakeet, Woodcock, Snipe, Golden Plover, Common Kestrel, Common Moorhen, Common Cuckoo, Common Quail, Jack Snipe, Feral Pigeon, European Turtle Dove, Northern Lapwing, Red Knot, Common Redshank, Eurasian Collared Dove

If you want to learn more about the peregrine falcons in Europe, take a look at the following websites.

Website of the Ornithological Commission of Watermaal-Bosvoorde (OCWB) about the second couple of Peregrine falcons that nests in Brussels.  The project “Falcons for everyone” was set up in association with the OCWB in 2005.

Peregrines on the Electrabel nuclear power station in Doel (Antwerp)
On this website you can watch the falcons that nest in one of the nest-boxes that Electrabel mounted on the walls of the cooling towers of the nuclear power station in Doel (Antwerp). As these boxes are installed at a height of 110 metres, the falcons can watch the North Sea from their nests!

A blog about the Peregrine falcons that nest in the Notre-Dame de Lourdes basilica in Nancy. It provides a lot of information on the biology of the species.

Peregrine Falcons first nested on Derby's Cathedral in the East Midlands of England in 2006. On this blog you can find pictures, video clips and a webcam that shows new images every 6 seconds. Superb!

The Peregrines also nest in London. As is the case in Brussels, ornithologists collaborate with the local police force. Check out the amazing pictures filed under “Gallery”.

Find out more about the Peregrine falcons in the Netherlands on the website of the Dutch Peregrine Workgroup. You can watch five couples live. 

The latest updates about the falcons that nest in Heidelberg, Germany.

The Peregrine falcons in Italy belong to a different subspecies and nest a little earlier than our birds. In Rome, six couples are kept a close watch on by means of cameras that are positioned in front of their nest. You can watch them on this website.

Live footage from Warsaw, where Peregrines have built the highest nest in Europe. It is situated at a height of 200 metres, on the 45th floor of a building that towers over the capital of Poland.

Live footage of a nest on top of an industrial chimney in Saarbrücken, Germany.

Finally, you can find everything you ever wanted to know about the Peregrines in Europe on the website of the European Peregrine Falcon Working Group.